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Every week, the main prize will be the most shared items. We randomly choose three winners from all the customers who shared that item. If your Facebook friends have clicked your post and participated in this game then when they win a prize, you will also win it.
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Guidelines of this Share and Win Activity

1. How to join the Share and Win activity?

Note: There is no item limit; you can literally choose any item you want to get for free. There is a "Share and Win" button on every product page, so you can easily join the game directly.

Simply click the “Share and Win” button on all the items you want to receive, then Like us on our Facebook page and share the item you want. The prize will be the most shared product, with the winner selected randomly from those who shared it.

Click Share and Win on all the items you want Like us on Facebook and share the item you want with your friends The prize is the most shared product. The winner is selected randomly from those who shared it.

2. How do we choose the winner?

We randomly choose three winners from all of the customers who shared the most popular item. If your Facebook friends clicked your post and joined this activity, then if they win the prize, you also win it. It’s really that simple!

Hint: To improve your chances of winning your favorite product for free, share the item with as many friends as you can!

3. How do we send the prize to the winners?

Details of the winners including their Facebook page will be announced every week on this page, so be sure to check regularly! We will send a unique coupon code to the winners, allowing them to buy the item for only $0.01 on Once the winner receives their free item, we encourage the customer to post images of it on their Facebook page so that other people can see it. They will earn R points allowing them to save even more money!

Discussion of this Share and Win Activity

How do you like this activity? If you have any questions or ideas about it, simply sign in and share them with all of the community here on RoseWholesale!
Recent Reviews
By Linda Jan-11/15 03:40:38
do you all have a phone number

do you all have a phony number
By Pam Jul-30/14 06:09:48
This site has the cutest and cheap clothes, purses, shoes, and much more, Check it out it has now become the only site that I will shop for things I need, because it is a site I can afford.
By Jul-27/14 00:01:29
como hago para comprar algo pero solo quiero un vestido ese precio es lo que cuesta solo uno
By Glenda Jul-15/14 19:46:10
enserio es un fraude ??
By Dianne Jun-27/14 03:26:18
Why Do I Keep Seeing This Site Is A Fraud & Not To Buy From It.I need Answers.
By Bara Jun-02/14 08:41:45
how many times do we have to shared the item we want?
By Rukmalee May-23/14 22:51:17
This site is a fraud site.  They take your money, but after they send you an email mentioning the purchased items are not in their stock.  They send you nothing.  This is not even a company.  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!!!!
By Rukmalee May-23/14 22:50:29
This site is a fraud site.  They take your money, but after they send you an email mentioning the purchased items are not in their stock.  They send you nothing.  This is not even a company.  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!!!!
By Rita May-09/14 18:51:27
speriamo di vincere
By haya Apr-20/14 20:24:55
hope to win <3
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