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Free Points for Registered Members Who Sign in on Consecutive Days.

  • 1. for the first day you sign in, you will receive 1 R Point;
  • 2. for the second consecutive day, you will be awarded 2 R Points;
  • 3. on the third day, 4 R Points are given;
  • 4. for the fourth day, 6 R Points are awarded;
  • 5. the fifth day will lead to 8 R Points being awarded;
  • 6. the maximum bonus awarded is 10 R Points for logging in on 6 or more consecutive days. There is no limit to the total amount of free R Points that you can gain.
Note: If you break the chain of consecutive days, the chain will reset and you will start again at 1 R Point for your next login.
To learn how to use R Points, please click here.
  • First Day


  • Second Day


  • Third Day


  • Fourth Day


  • Fifth Day


  • Sixth Day


  • 6+ Day